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- Projects, work history and clients of our dedicated staff over the past 12 years-
over 12 years of providing IT solutions - over 12 years of saving you time and money

Our most important client is YOU - the small business - the self employed - the plumbers - the electricians - the accountants - the shops - the social clubs - the home workers, people who run businesses - the entrepreneurs whose business is their life.    
Here are some of the businesses that the staff at Vikatec have worked for over the pass 12 years either directly or by 3rd party contract, most as full solutions provider:-   
Stansted Airport Parking - Automated Car Park and Tracking
Integrated system to take payment - assign space and key details for air travellers cars.  Fully designed and developed with latest automation software to give real-time information instantly on over 3000 spaces.      
Microsoft Ireland - File Conversion Software
Fully automated file conversion software, end to end design and solution development.  Seamlessly integrated to their own payment taking systems and convert to bank format changes and reverse process.    
British Telecom / O2 - AOL / Time Warner - Online Recurring Billing Gateway
Full design and development of this extensive online system which takes new accounts, verifies and bills them each month with changing amounts, fully automated and integrated to various back-end systems.       
American Express - European Card Gateway
Full end to end solution design and development with multiple coding languages, full redundancy, multi-tear, level 3/4 encryption and fully automated.  Transactions taken in the UK go via this system to the USA.  
Odeon Cinema - Transaction File Conversion
Fully automated program to pickup transaction files, convert them to their banking format and pass them on - reverse procedures for return file.  Multiple file, fully stand alone, very quick and easy future change.   
British Airways - Online Address Verification
Full design and development of this multiple language based Internet solution. As part of their cargo fraud prevention, a way was needed to verify that goods were going to the correct purchasers address.      
Many products to assist them with their various activities - most of which are covered by confidentiality agreements so can not say much about them other than they were for surveillance and related products.       
Many Cruse Lines - Credit/Debit Card in Real-time
Before they had to charge passengers large up-front amounts, as they could not get cards verified at sea. Designed and created an Internet system to bounce off satellites to the banks for real-time transactions.      
- Alpha Telecom - Worldpay - Abbey - Monex - Tax Free - Fexco - Global Games - BSFC - - Marriott Hotels - Holiday Inn - The Link - MOD - Anne Summers - Waitrose - Ski Club - - World Flowers - Virgin - MVCI - Sears - John Lewis - Glow Telecom - And Many More -

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