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We have been developing and using monitor programs for over eight years and have perfected them to a state of pure relentless automation, watching for issues and outages without breaks and time off, always there 24 hrs, 365/6 days, year in year out.  
Peace of Mind
make sure your site is available 24/7
Once a problem is found it will follow many different steps to resolve it, it will make multiple contacts at different staff levels as the issue progresses without resolve, it will contact Reset systems and get the latest versions out, it has complete reports.

Online versions available, so no downloads, can all be up and running after a couple of simple emails. From a low monthly fee of 2 we can give you complete piece of mind.   
Our website Monitor service ensures:
  • Limited lost productivity and down time
  • Website can be recovered and fully operational within minutes
  • Reassurance that your reputation will not be damaged by loss of systems
  • May reduce professional liability insurance fees with our additional protection
  • Sleep at night knowing your digital assets are always doing what you want
  • Recovery starts quicker with instant alerts to those that need to know
  • Full integration to our Reset Website and Backup Website programs
From only2    a month, no set up fees and a 3-month service contract. For more information about our Reset solution please contact our Sales Department.    
No extra on our prices, the inclusive screen price you see is the price you pay.

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