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  - WebPro AI -

The latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence technology is coming to work for you.      
creates your website for you - your design - your speed

Do not be put off by this new emerging technology, it is here to lift the time and skills burdens that current technology has placed upon us.  The forthcoming products in our AI range have been in development for the past nine years, nine years to make technology simpler, and interact better with us at our level, no longer should we be confused by new technology, it should tell us how to use itself in plain simple English.   
why does it take us so long to learn new technologies - AI will give us back our time

  WebPro AI Picture
Easy use menus
AI text window
Full speech
It asks questions
You answer
Then it creates
changes, updates;
User input here
You type here

With many website creation programs on the market - why choose WebPro AI
    Some reasons for using AI software are that it:
  • Creates your website with you from conception to release on the Internet
  • Has many template and complete websites to work from if you prefer
  • Offers same functionality of other website programs - none of the complication
  • Is easy to use very interactive CMS (Content Management System)
  • Does all the domain registering, hosting and setting the website live
  • Has easy related help and 'How To' advice - you ask, it answers
  • Oversees and helps with on going website changes - products - services
  • Can add full shopping, cart and payment services to your website
  • Is like having your own software developer 24/7 without the wage
  • Can update multiple Search Engines, so customers can find your website
  • Has access to real web development staff to help when required
  • Offers free help and advice via online interactive customer service tools

Due for release autumn 2007, beta test clients required at listed price for first year.
Your Business - Your Decision Web Junior Web Senior Web Solution
WebPro Software Tick Tick Tick
Hosting package included Cross Tick Tick domain name Cross Tick Tick
.com domain name Cross Cross Tick
Email account Cross Tick Tick
Automatic Deployment Cross Tick Tick
META tag optimisation Tick Tick Tick
Search engine submission Cross Tick Tick
Can have Basket Services Cross Cross Tick
Can have Payment Services Cross Cross Tick
Monthly maintenance included Cross Tick Tick
Human Developer Access Cross Cross Tick
Online Tools Tick Tick Tick
Price / Deposit £1850 £1850 £1850
Monthly after activation Cross £699 £1499
HSBC handle all our online secure card transactions,
you are safe in their hands

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85 + VAT 85 + VAT 85 + VAT

Full price/deposit must be authorised/cleared in advance of goods being realsed.  See our terms and conditions for further details.  Contact our Sales Department if you need any more information or would like other payment options. NO HIDDEN CHARGES  -  WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY

We can also offer you advice and assistance on:
  • Launching your first business website
  • Redesigning and updating an existing website
  • Expanding your website to support a growing business
  • Including email links on your site allowing customers to contact you
  • List your site on the most popular search engines including Google
  • Promote and sell your products and services
  • Shopping basket-cart options
  • Credit and debit cards online
  • Creating customer feedback and information collecting forms
  • Customer care surveys

To discuss your individual requirements, please email our Sales Department.

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